MidLL On Site

The Midwest Landscape Lab is committed to modeling sustainable design practices and cultivating stewardship of the local environment. We reinforce Knowlton Landscape’s curriculum by providing opportunities to work On Site, connecting concepts from the classroom and studio to real-world observational and analytical field work.

MidLL On Site is a field trip series integrated into the MLA curriculum. Each fall and spring, graduate students travel to a significant Midwestern ecological system to experience and the landscape directly. These field trips are critical punctuations in the academic calendar and are unifying points of study for graduate students across the three-year degree.

Student research and fieldwork will be chronicled in an annual publication. The initial three-year MidLL On Site series will culminate in a curated exhibition and capstone panel discussion of the experience.

MidLL On Site Trip Sequence

Our particular Midwest comprises a mosaic of complex, often impressive, sometimes overlooked landscapes. The On Site visits are sequenced to facilitate an expanded notion of the Midwest as MLA students experience this varied and rich composite of places during their time at Knowlton.

AU 2022   To Be Announced

Saugatuck Dunes State Park

September 23-25, 2021
Holland, MI

The network of dunes along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan is the result of the interaction of glacial movement and deposition, water, prevailing winds, vegetation, and human systems over numerous time scales. The varying landforms and ecosystems which collide along the lakeshore produce a varied and impressive experience across a relatively small area.

MLA students spent three days and two nights experiencing the landscapes near Saugatuck and Holland, MI through a series of walks and drawing exercises.

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